Realme XT Full Review: Impressive Mid-range Smartphone

The Realme XT, the successor of all-new Realme X which has also launched only a few months ago.

In this article, I’m gonna give you a full review of this and tell you if this phone is worth the price.

So without any further let’s jump right in:

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The realme XT is a true successor to the Realme X with an upgraded glass back and a new and beautiful pattern.

The back has that almost estin glass P30 Pro like reflections and a unique subtle pattern.

That’s not completely an illusion because the phone is definitely not as wide as the Realme X and looks more like other Realme phones with the slightly taller and less wide frame.

Now one thing I absolutely love apart from the use of glass is that the frame.

Although, plastic has a frosted aluminum look which I prefer much more than the glossy chrome finish on the Realme X.

Another major change in design compared to the Realme X is the lack of a pop-up camera because the XT decided to go with a humble water-drop notch instead of the camera bamboo.

It is significantly bigger than the one on the Realme X which is understandable because of the 64MP camera but it does make the phone wobble on a table.

The buttons are nice and clicky the bottom hosts a loud single speaker and the headphone jack is pretty standard, It’s not better or worse than the competition.

The headphone jack though is backed by Dolby audio so you will get some of that sound quality.

While the centered camera on the Realme X did look slightly more premium and minimal I do prefer the ergonomics on this which makes the design of the really XT really stand out to me


Now the display of the realme XT is similar and different than the realme X. Similar, because this is also an AMOLED display, equally crisp, and equally beautiful.

But this is not a full-screen display, this is a waterdrop notch. While the realme X had a full-screen display with a pop-up selfie camera.

The reason for this is manifold, but some of the major reasons were first of all the mechanical part of it. The fact that everyone did not feel comfortable with the part moving in and out of their phone.

And, secondly, since realme along with a few other companies are actively working towards implementing 5G.

This is an initial attempt to slowly phase out pop-ups in order to make space for 5G modems.

Apart from that though the display is absolutely stunning and two years ago it would have been unimaginable to see phones like the Realme X and the C1 X.

And, now the XT bringing AMOLED displays in such affordable price brackets.

The color shift on the phone is not too bad and the white point stays pretty much in check that is why do I nail one and while I cannot confirm if this is a true HDR display YouTube does give you the option to play HD.


Moving to performance the realme XT uses the same processor as the Realme 5 Pro which puts it in a tough spot.

It makes a Realme XT an upgrade over the Realme X, but also makes it the same performer as another skew at a lower price.

At this point, this is the most powerful new processor available under 20,000 which makes the Realme XT one of the most capable devices in this price range.

Playing PUBG is very fun on this device especially with the good touch response and of course that AMOLED display.

Now the closest processor to Snapdragon 712 which is more powerful than is the Snapdragon 730 which is inside the but is also significantly more in price.

The sole is used is UFS 2.1 with speeds of about 460 megabytes per second and write speeds of about 186 megabytes per second and storage matters.

Other phones in this price range today do offer similar functionality that’s why it’s not really a standout feature but it’s very very good to have and will make your phone perform much faster.

Honestly, it’s more power than most of us would need on a daily basis and if you are really someone who wants much more power then you can look at phones over 20,000 rupees.


The Realme XT runs Color OS6 specially tuned by Realme and built on top of Android 9 Pie.

The OS has certainly become slightly better with a more uniform looking design which makes using it more fun than before.

Now, while it’s no stock android for geeks it does come with a ton of useful features, colorful visuals and customization options for people who love that.

There is a theme store, ton of wallpapers inside and I think the only big thing missing is the dark mode which would certainly look awesome on this AMOLED display.

The XT supports project treble but there isn’t support for seamless updates forgive me as a brand has also been pretty active with providing updates and bug fixes and even providing bootloader unlocking which makes a pretty geek-friendly.

In my opinion, there is cam 2 API support out of the box so G cam lovers out there can celebrate the bloatware on.

The phone is still plenty but I’m guessing the lower price comes at a cost and while it is clearly not winning any awards for its software performance I think the realme XT has a lot to offer here.

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Moving to the camera the Realme XT is the world’s first smartphone with a 64MP camera. The 64MP sensor is a Samsung sensor with of course more megapixels than you would ever need.

Apart from that, the other cameras are the exact same as the Realme 5 Pro so you have an 8MP ultra-wide lens, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 2MP macro lens.

The 64MP camera though is significantly more resolution than the Realme X. And there is, of course, that characteristic saturation in most pictures but that’s just how Realme chooses to do that.

You can, of course, turned it down in the post in photo editing apps. If you want for videos 2X3 takes 4k at 30fps max and has stabilization up to 1080p at 60 fps.

The front camera also has electronic image stabilization which makes the video stand out among others. In this price during the night shots also look equally impressive.

Now, Realme nightscape mode has done very well in previous phones as well and with the new or 64MP sensor, the pictures look even better.

The front camera also takes some stunning pictures compared to the Realme 5 Pro. There is still some optimization needed on the front camera.

There’s some over-sharpening that the Realme 5 Pro doesn’t do which is why the Realme 5 Pro at least at this point takes slightly better selfies but I think that’s because this is, of course, a pre-production unit so this is pre-launch.

I’m guessing all after-sales unit will have an improved front camera that’s it we’ll find that out very very soon.


With Realme 3 also you get a sizable amount which might be an upgrade for a lot of people over the realme X.

I averaged around seven to seven and a half hours of screen on time which is very very nice for a phone that is not very thick.

Then we come to the charging time so the 20 Watt charger charges of that battery in the realme XT in about one or thirty minutes that was the average that I got at times.

It was one or twenty-five minutes one time it was one at 30 minutes so one or thirty minutes is the average time that it takes to go from zero to 100% which is actually very very impressive.


The realme XT is a great smartphone it’s a successor to the realme X and almost every way you have a better processor, a better-looking design.

You have a more ergonomic design you have clearly better and more at the back of the phone and you have a very good battery performance as well.

Now the one thing that a lot of people do find is a downgrade on the realme XT is the display not because it’s a different technology it’s still camelid but the fact that there is a not sure and it’s not a full-screen display like the realme X.

Now, of course, there is that section of people who prefer having a full-screen display even if there is a pop-up camera mechanism that’s it another big chunk of people do not like having mechanical parts and this also makes the phone thinner and more comfortable in the hand.

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